5 comments on “Fly Like An Eagle

  1. No really? There is no excuse! This is what Punk Rock was for. The thing I find most annoying is Hotel California. I can go through my day to day life with no concerns at all, then suddenly my car radio will pick up a local radio station.. Usually Dave C**t from Radio Shite.. Hotel California.. Then out of nowhere I know every word!!! I mean, I don’t even know what a colitas is? My guess, some sort of hemorrhoid treatment. Now go & dig out your RAMONES records & we will say no more about this.

  2. Yes, sir, I will. I apologise for my feeble attempt at post-modern irony, and promise that I will post the Dead Kennedys as soon as possible to make up for this lapse of taste. Thank you for being so forgiving and understanding. (THINKS: must quickly hide Robbie Williams CDs before anyone notices.)

  3. I remember indelibly marking ‘Joe Walsh’ on my trusty school haversack in 77 or 78. I was never going to go as far as ‘Blue Oyster Cult’ or ‘Led Zep’, but yer man pricked my ears up with the ascerbic ‘Life’s Been Good’.

    I can live with this …
    now about some more Undertones and Buzzcocks!

  4. Oh Dick, I’m afraid you’ve had yer chips as far as the ‘Cocks are concerned, as they never had another FF entry (not even in the All-Time charts), but the ‘Tones…that’s another story.
    Yes. ‘Life’s Been Good’ was lyrically spot on…’my Maserati does 185/I’ve lost my licence, now I don’t drive’. Nails those who regard rock as a career (as JP said) neatly. However, the old bugger is still chugging, and shit, doesn’t he look rough.

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