6 comments on “More Songs About Baseball And Canada

  1. to your mind how different from Shellac were Rapeman? same thing / different name? i never met anyone to ask this of before. but there’s a chance you might actually know what i am talking about.

  2. Don’t know if I’ve asked you this, but years ago heard Peel play a song called ‘let’s Eat Our Baby Like the Gerbils Did’ circa 1989. Any ideas? Ed

  3. That was the Happy Flowers (Mr Anus & Mr Horribly Charred Infant from memory). I think it’s on their OOF album as that’s the only one of theirs I owned – no-one should own more than one. Deeply disturbing music.

  4. Thank you. It really disturbed me as a twelve year old, to be honest I think it might disturb me as a thirty-one year old. Thanks for answering the query, though!

  5. Yes, the ‘Teenage Kicks’ forum is 24-7. Feel free to have a discussion without including me :-((
    *just joking* I didn’t know the answer to that Ed, so I was happy somebody could help you.
    Ben: Rapeman were indeed a kind of prototype Shellac, from what I can gather, a project Albini assembled after Big Black dissolved. To my ears, rather amorphous noise pop deliberately designed to shock, with songs like the heart-rending, emotional torch ballad Kim Gordon’s Panties. Interesting, but not essential.

  6. I since managed to get my browser to go beyond the crawl that prevented me researching this via google earlier. I think I wondered if Shellac was the same line-up as Rapeman – but apparently not:

    I think the name controv overshadowed the music.
    I really liked their song (a ZZTOP cover?) ‘Just Got Paid Today’ which was known via a Blast First compilation.

    Eventually got that ‘Three Nuns…’ CD thanks to a kind brother I think. It was top of a wish list for a long time. And because I’ve heard it I got an extra chuckle out of your saying: ‘heart-rending, emotional torch ballad Kim Gordon’s Panties…’ (which resembles -in some way- Sonic Youth’s ‘Schizophrenia’)

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