2 comments on “La Chute

  1. Thanks for a monday morning laugh: “His memory was selective. He could list every incarnation of the Fall on demand, but he couldn’t always remember where his underpants were.” It’s funny because it’s true? I don’t know Fall line-ups, but this could def apply to me regarding other things.

    As for selective memory – i think the 1st time I heard the fall and it struck me was what I later identified as “My New House”. Peel on BBC world service. and the memory of it would have me tell it that he played the song more than once – which is unusal as the bbc world service show seldom featured the same song twice… or maybe this was during school holdays so i heard repeat daytime transmissions of the show over the week. i think my younger brothers and older parents would have heard it too and thought it a novelty track.

    i once heard Sonic Youth do ‘my new house’ too. was that a peel session?

  2. It was indeed, made up entirely of Fall songs, broadcast in tandem with a Festive Fifty (1992, I think). I hope I don’t regret saying this, but I can run you a copy off if you want.

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