7 comments on “The Grateful Dead

  1. You fooled me with the heading. I thought this was going to be the ‘Dark Star’ post. Incidentally, when you get round to that post which version will you post?

  2. …AYWKUBTTOD went on tour around the time of 9/11 with the wonderful but just as unfortunately named Explosions In The Sky. The aforementioned Madonna album is worth checking out, as is their debut self-titled album.

    The post(s) I’m looking forward to is Hole, not that I’m dropping hints or anything!

    Hope you’re well, Ed

  3. Mick: HA! April Fool! well, I admire you for admitting it. See the next post (which, hopefully, will fool quite a few more…)
    Ed: You, Eduardo? Hinting??? Perish the thought ;-))
    I haven’t been very active lately, I’ve been rather under the weather…but I hope that will change soon. All the best to you too, mate!

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  5. Sorry, do I know you? Please tell me you aren’t just a front for yet another Internet get-rich-quick scheme??? If you are, you know where you can put it.

  6. wow, that barb michelen hit far and wide that night. you wouldn’t get such spam by just adjusting in your controls the Word Verification dealie which woulda prevented that.

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