7 comments on “Fade To Black

  1. One of the first John Peel shows I listened to started with a Van Basten track – something about dragons. Black Dragon? The album is pretty good, actually.

  2. Actually, question for you – have you come across a Bandulu session, must be from around 95, maybe a bit later. Great metallicy dubby techno. I got their album, but never found one of the tunes which featured on the show.

  3. Andy: Update…I now have the 1992 & 1995 sessions on mp3, thanks to a kind person in the Yahoo Peel group. Let me know if you want them sent and if so where.

  4. That is fantastic news, thanks very much!!!

    My email is almost at gmail.com, but not sure it will be able to take the files.

    Maybe discuss over there how to do the transfer?

  5. Okay, email sent. Just writing here too incase you don’t get it – I seem to vanish into people’s spam boxes :(

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