15 comments on “Al Capone’s Guns Don’t Argue!

  1. On the intro he says “Bernie Rhodes knows don’t argue” instead of Al Capone.

    Bernie Rhodes was The Clash’s manager and the song is inspired by him and his dodgy managerial style. I met him once, very small as I remember.

  2. ‘The Boiler’ -perhaps one of the most harrowing things committed to vinyl EVER. Might post it someday soon, though.

    Another excellent post, cheers Steve!


  3. Lee: So THAT’S what he says! I knew the line sounded altered, just didn’t know what to. Thanks for a truly interesting piece of trivia.
    Ed: I quite enjoyed writing this, as I’ve always had a great deal of respect for the band. I wish I could have featured Boiler, as it’s up there with Tonight’s The Night, Cold Turkey and The Murder Of Liddle Towers as one of the most chilling things I’ve ever heard. A brave move for the band indeed, but not one guaranteed to shift a lot of copies.

  4. I love all their albums; More Specials is probably my favourite of the three. I’ve also got the JB All Stars singles floating around somewhere. One Minute Every Hour still sounds good.

  5. I was just about to ask if anyone liked More Specials. ‘Man At C&A’, ‘Hey Little Rich Girl’ ‘Do Nothing’ – crackers!!!

    Good on yer Simon, what can I get you from the bar?

  6. Mine’s a diet coke…but good to see you folks here.

    And the Boiler should be up over at 17 Seconds by the time you read this.


  7. Back from ‘too much bloody work’ hiatus. Fabulous work as ever. I feel a Ska revival coming on, just as long as no one ever makes me listen to ‘old boiler’ ever again.

    My eagerly awaited podcast 2 will be up on FiS next week, featuring some cringeworthy namechecking!


  8. top class again. you just can’t go wrong with the specials. last time i saw him i followed terry hall all the way around boots on upper street excited as hell. i’m not going to the reunion thing though just in case. i mean i’m sure they’ll be fab but my knees aren’t up to all the dancing i did was i saw them first time round

  9. Adam: Missed you buddy: welcome back! Another podcast…if it’s as good as the last one, I’ll be in heaven.
    Ally: It’s true, Ghost Town was one of my most popular downloads last year.

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