5 comments on “Walk The Dinosaur

  1. Hi — I stop by often and love the tunes you share, many of which I need to learn more about. But these tracks are, as they say in baseball, right in my wheelhouse! I’m pretty certain that the run of Stones’ albums from “Beggar’s Banquet” in 1968 through “Exile On Main Street” in 1972 is the greatest run of music by a rock band in history. And from someone who came to pop and rock through the Beatles, that’s quite a statement!

  2. Great tracks – and would agree with Whiteray that that run of albums from Beggars Banquet (still my favourite Stones album) to Exile on Main Street is pretty damn hot. Seventeen years after I bought Goat’s Head Soup I still can’t really get into it. Though the Some Girls/Emotional Rescue/Tattoo You 1978-1981 run should be seen as a later high point too.


  3. Whiteray: Lovely to see you back here again! That run of albums certainly was a high point of their career, as it would be for anybody.
    Ed: Yes, that rather misfired, didn’t it? Some rate Bridges To Babylon quite highly, too.

  4. bridges To babylon isn’t prime-period Stones but it’s better than Undercover or Steel Wheels, which suffer from the production hideously. And even Voodoo Lounge has its moments…


  5. Please somebody stop them ever performing again… it’s embarassing.

    Jumpin’ Jack Flash is genius, absolute genius. I couldn’t imagine how that song could be any better. It’s the only Sones tune to have ever had me prancing around in Jaggeresque style, I’m ashamed to admit.

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