7 comments on “The Hammersmith Ramones

  1. So they were actually from Hammersmith? I always thought they were Fulham boys. Oh well, strike one from my very short list of bands from my manor.

  2. Actually, Lee, I don’t know why they were called that because everyone except Arturo (who really did come from Fulham) came from Uxbridge.
    Who are the other bands, by the way?

  3. Weren’t The Television Personalities from Fulham? Certainly Ed Ball, who went on to form The Times, and be a bigwig at Creation Records, came from Fulham or thereabouts.

    The Times? Now there’s a band to dig out of the archives…

  4. Generation X do seem to have been pun’s whipping boys. I remember reading – in Smash Hits of all places! -that they were too punk for the pop kids and too poppy for the punks. Still like Dancing With Myself. Mind you, as i recall, they were from south of the river and part of the infamous Bromley Contingent that also included Siouxsie Sioux and Steve Severin.

  5. Arturo later joined ny lovely friend Susan’s band Big Boy Tomato. And was never seen again. Presumably. I met him. Nice man. Very tall.

  6. I’m pretty sure Eater were from Fulham (used to see their name spray-painted on walls everywhere in Fulham in 1977) and there’s The Faith Brothers of course, Ivor Biggun too I think. Apart from that all the best bands seem to come from surrounding boroughs – The Clash, Pistols, The Who were all from nearby.

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