7 comments on “Class Of 83: I See Red

  1. I remember the vomit-enducing single around ’85 – sorry to all those who love that track but it’s one of my least favourite songs ever. Glad to read that there was more to them than that, though.

  2. Phil: Amen to that, brother. Now if you could just help me out with a loan….
    Adam: Really? I rather liked it. Mind you, that’s coming from a fan of Dido and David Gray…
    Ed: Yes, I suppose it is, but I was going for the ‘colours’ idea!

  3. Love the pic of the PC through the window. How many times ….

    Keep pluggin away kid. How else will you pass on the parcel of delights such as Strawberry girls such as these.

    Light relief attempt from me to lift your gloom momentarily: Question..
    Who else was mentioned in song as a ‘Strawberry Girl’ and by whom?
    Clue – band has featured here previously I’m pretty sure.

  4. Ah, Dick, ’twas Christine by the superb Siouxsie And The Banshees. Must feature them again soon.
    Thanks for your support, buddy: these are difficult days at So It Goes Towers.

  5. Well done old boy.

    Gotta be ready to catch whatever life lobs at our fragile skulls and sensitive hearts.

    Victorian women used to bathe in strawberries to increase their breast size … apparently.

    (Blimey, I’m a Northerner, waddya want – Satre and Kamus?)

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