6 comments on “No More Heroes

  1. “Television” actually is as old as “She Watch Channel Zero?”. Franti originally did it with the industrial funk band the Beatnigs in 1988, and released it on their (only) album four months before PE released It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. Of course, that still doesn’t reveal who did it first, but, then again, songs putting down television are about as old as television itself.

  2. Two outstanding tracks from a band who still deserve to get their dues. Franti’s Spearhead were the first hip-hop act I ever saw live (Glastonbury 1995). For those who saw Hip-Hop as being just about dope, guns, homophobia and misogyny, this band were a wake-up call, though according to iTunes some in the Hip-Hop community thought they were a sop to worried white America.

    The Language of Violence is an excellent track to use in a lesson on homophobia, methinks, which I have and continue to challenge in school, along with racism. *sigh*


  3. eyevocal: I wasn’t saying who did what first, merely that the two tracks are contemporaneous and I believe one to be better than the other.
    Ed: How can you say more in ten lines than I can in a whole post? wish I had your gift…

  4. ‘Language of Violence’ is the best hiphop track ever – this was almost my number one choice for your 50 of fifties last year.

    ‘Dehumanizing the victim makes things easier,
    it’s like breathing with a respirator,
    it eases the conscience of even the most conscious and calculating violator’

    Fabulous. Takes me back to a time when hiphop still had something to say.

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this post.

    FiS Adam

  5. Oh yeah, and ‘Winter of the long hot summer’ is just as releveant for Gulf War II as it was for the first debacle.

    FiS Adam

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