5 comments on “That All-Important Number 51 Slot

  1. Another classic post Steve.

    BTW, speaking of numbers out of sync with the fifty, the 2000 list only has 49 tracks. Was this intentional or due to missing data?

    As for the Stranglers…billy no-mates on the punk scene they may have been (Rotten dubbed them short-haired hippies back in ’76 and that’s from the sleevenotes of one of their best-ofs!) but they did do some great tracks IMHO.


  2. Thanks for the plaudit, Ed, but I haven’t a clue what you mean about the 2000 list. Do you mean the one I put up for download? cos I checked and there’s 50 in there all right.
    Typical Rotten comment…nobody was good enough for him. I liked them too.

  3. I’d never realised that my favourite Banshees and favourite joy Division tracks both made #51.

    Another great addition to the blog, my good man.

    While we’re at it, check out this phenomenal performance…

    Every hair on my body standing on end (if tyhat’s not too much information).

  4. Chris Ashcroft of Monkey Steals The Drum died on 21st July 2006.The website is still around for people to listen to their brill music.

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