8 comments on “One Year On: The Mega Wedding Present Post

  1. Go and spend some time with your wife, for God’s sake!

    Not that I don’t appreciate the ‘mega’ series, of course.

  2. I have all of them on 7″ up to 8. Any offers, let me know – need a new bike.

    Oh, Steve, sorry, it’s pisspoor late – Happy Blog Birthday Matey Tatey x

  3. Adam: Duly admonished, i now take leave of blogging for a couple of days, in order to remind myself what the outside world looks like.
    Davy: Ah bless…I thought you weren’t talking to me any more. Thanks old friend. I wouldn’t get excited about the Weddoes 7 inches though…they’re going for one or two quid on ebay.

  4. hi,Steve! it’s Nick. do you still remember me? haha. I’ve just listend new Wedding Present tune called ‘Spider-Man on Hollywood’. yeah, sound good. still jinggly-janggly. I love it!

  5. Devil Dick: Thank you, and welcome to the blog!
    Nick:오래만이야! 그동안 안녕했지? 우리를 마나려면 연락해 줘라! 지금까지 안 만났지 미아하지만 저는 지겁을 바꾸는 중이라서 시간이 없었다. 나중에 봐!!!

  6. An excellent post (still acnnot speak Korean, though). Think Sticky was my favourite of the 1992 singles…


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