5 comments on “Down Down

  1. Worry not Steve.
    You shall overcome the pesky gremlins, I’m sure.
    Cheers for the Billy Bragg.

  2. Dear Mr Teenage Kicks,

    Don’t stop I’ve only just found you!

    And I’ve d/l most of the tunes back to the Fall post – one or two came up as corrupt when I tried to play them but most were fine, so I’d guess that is why no-one has mentioned them not working. Why do you think they aren’t.

    Thanks for the tunes!


  3. Mediafire still seems to be working for me, hope it gets fixed for you soon!


  4. Blimey

    hopefully you’ll be whanging tunes our way again sometime soon Mr Kicks.

    I shall now slink off and Google Windoze Writer.

  5. Oh well, all seems to be OK today, so I shall soldier on regardless. Thanks, friends, for all your support, and Ben, if you send me a list of the tracks that didn’t work, I will get them to you somehow.
    Mr. Kicks…another epithet I find pleasing!

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