9 comments on “Do You Want Jam On It?

  1. Wow. Amazing post. And thanks for including the Peel sessions as well.

    For what it’s worth, ‘Strange Town’ is my favourite Jam song of all. Have bought all the LPs, whilst the singles started off strong, think that All Mod Cons was the first really classic Jam LP, though my favourite might just be The Gift, which includes the great lost Jam song ‘Ghosts.’

    Wish Weller hadn’t made that comment about voting conservative, though; mind you, according to Deborah Curtis’ autobiograohy, Ian Curtis also voted Tory. *Sigh*


  2. Nice one Stevie boy.

    Strange Town is truly a great song isn’t it. That lyric’s ‘a thin clean layer of Mr Sheen looking back at me’ BTW (I wrote all those lyrics out in my school jotter).

  3. Ed: And just to think, it looks like we’ve got another Tory government to look forward to soon. Bollocks. Like 1997 never happened.
    Davy: Thank you, my friend, lyrics duly corrected and head hung in shame for relying on my own ears instead of checking. Excuse? This post took me two and a half hours to write. Glad you think it worth it.

  4. Thanks Steve

    30 years on, I can add more, but, at the same time, I can’t.

    I love your last line. There is little pink left on the map.

    Weller is 50 this month.

  5. Ah, Dick, I was just waiting with bated breath for your comment, thanks for not disappointing me! Cheers, buddy.

  6. Am I one of the few people that thinks Funeral Pyre is one of their classics? Check out the performance of it on the following:

    Great post though; Weller, Prince and Michael Jackson all 50 this year…in fact it’s Weller’s birthday this week isn’t it?

    I feel old….

  7. I know the Weller fans aren’t too fond of From The Jam for obvious reasons, but I saw them in NYC in early February and they were mindblowingly good – best gig of the year for me by a country mile.
    The Jam wrote timeless classics.

  8. I’m with Mike B (as I’ve previously documented). Weller sees it as ‘Cabaret’, but I saw it as a really good night out with mates, a few beers and yes .. fire, passion and skill. (OK, there was little in the way of ‘young’, but New Wave Sons become New Wave Dads!

    All I would say to the many doubters is, see them for yourself before judging.


  9. that’s two and a half hours well spent sweetie – i think you’ve pretty much nailed it all

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