5 comments on “Stop The Week

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. In some ways, maybe it’s the drums, Can’t Be Sure reminds me of Atmosphere, that other Festive Fifty chart-topper. A wonderful album, two great tracks, and a much missed band.

  2. I’d forgotten ’bout these, dear Steve. The jangle of all jangles. Trust you to mine the deepest darkest golden shaft of our archived nuggets.

    Which reminds me, the Dr once said to me, “I Can’t Be Sure, but I think you may have an indefinate hiatus”. Turned out to be a twisted knacker. (Good name for a northern Heavy Metal band that .. twisted knacker).

    Do they have (piss wet through) Bank Holidays in South Korea?

  3. My good friend Dr Al named his daughter after Harriet. We were much taken with her at the time. Quite rightly.

    Sorry to hear about Dick’s trouble.

  4. Ed: As usual, a great piece of perception! I had never noticed the resemblance, but now you’ve pointed it out, it’s uncanny.
    Dick: No, they just don’t have Bank Holidays at all, buddy. We get these strange things like Buddha’s Birthday (how old is the fucker now?); Memorial Day (for the Korean War dead); and Chuseok (a kind of Harvest Festival, held in the autumn and a bigger deal than Christmas). And it never seems to rain on those days…it’s just bloody hot and humid. Good testicle-related gag, by the way.
    Davy: And who wouldn’t be taken with Harriet, we ask ourselves? Your concern for Dick’s condition is touching. By the way, you’ll be pleased to learn that I’ve learned how to do that link thing with the html. Thanks for your info all that time ago.
    Frank: Thank you so much for this. I’m listening to it as I write, and it sounds mighty fine.

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