3 comments on “The World Owes Me A Living

  1. I don’t know which band has been more unfairly maligned by history (and to be fair, both got trated shabbily at the time by certain sections of the press): the Boomtown Rats or the Stranglers. Both had quality tunes, punk attitude but never considered as cool as the pistols, clash or banshees. Tonic For The Troops was a great LP as well.


  2. Nice commentary Steve.

    I loved this back in ’77. Dr Feelgood at 90 miles an hour!

    Also -‘She’s So Modern’ and ‘Mary Of The 4th Form’.

    We/they were just a bunch of kids really.

  3. Ed: The Rats had a rough ride, didn’t they? I think it was Geldof’s almost religious conversion, in hindsight, that prompted many people to think they shot to fame on punk’s back, and then abandoned it when it didn’t suit their purposes any more.
    Dick: ‘Dr. Feelgood at 90 miles an hour’: you’re right! Isn’t that just what punk was?

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