5 comments on “‘There Was A Racket Going On And I Just Yelled, And That’s All It Was To Me’

  1. I have to say that I would cite Deep Purple In Rock as Exhibit A in why Punk Had To Happen. A good friend recorded it for me, insisting it was seminal, never understood why Purple got kudos that Sabbath didn’t get and should have. But as that album goes, this is not a bad track. ‘There Was A Racket Going On And I Just Yelled, And That’s All It Was To Me’ could apply to Robert PLant and Immigrant Song, I guess.

    BTW, is this really more famous than Smoke On The Water?


  2. ‘Ultra Bongheads’ – he he!
    I know as much about underwater crochet as I do Deep Purple, but I did think Smoke On The Water was their er, magnum opus. (Which is nearly an anogram of gnu possum).

    Sorry – been on the pear cider in the shed.

  3. If I can’t spell anagram, I’ve no fuckin’ chance winning Countdown!

  4. Eduardo: Hoisted with my own petard, sir! It’s true, when I was writing this, my head was full of In Rock, as it’s my favourite Purple LP (I never liked Machine Head much), so I plain forgot about that other song. I honestly believe that this is better, mind.
    Exhibit B in Why Punk Had To Happen for me would be Tales Of Topographic Oceans…who decided that a band called Yes was necessary to the world??
    Dick: See above comment. Pear cider? If I was drinking these days, that would sound yummy. Countdown‘s boring toss for Mensa-heads, anyway. You’re nice just as you are.

  5. One of my students was playing this (we were doing some project work and I allow musical accompaniment while they are on task) os I put on the Von Sudenfed album on to drown him out.

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