7 comments on “Down To The Doctor’s

  1. Although I think I must have all their albums, IPC Subeditors’ still does it for me (“,)

  2. Hi Gary! It’s a stonker, isn’t it? Another discovery for me, as I’d never heard them before I started the blog.
    Nah, Mum managed to get me ‘Margrave’, but said Ken’s book was very expensive (Smiths quoted her £20) which, coupled with postage, would have worked out at too much for her. Can’t seem to find anywhere here that will order it for me, wither. Thanks for asking, though!

  3. Excuse my ignorance Steve but doesn’t South Korea come under The Repulic of Korea? Because amazon marketplace has new copies from £7.58 + £7.00 del to the Republic.

    Am I missing something here? I’m more than willing to believe I am!

  4. Indeed you are, buddy, through no fault of your own: I don’t have a credit card, so how do I pay?
    And why are the new copies cheaper than the second-hand ones?? I think we should be told.

  5. Oh for goodness sake Steven!

    If you want a copy, email your address and I’ll get one sent out – I presume you do cheques, I mean you’re not living in a cardboard box are you?



  6. Mummy, that domestic empire’s being mean to me :-((.
    I’ll email you, Gary: just let me know the price and I’ll send you a cheque, if you really don’t mind doing this for me. You’re a pal. :-))
    P.. Just moved out of the cardboard box in t’ middle o’ t; road. Septic tank’s very comfortable, thank you.

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