8 comments on “Britpop Survivors

  1. ‘Where did you go / when things went wrong for you / when the knives came out for you?’

    I went to the blogs, and read and wrote and played and tried to find a way forward, because I wanted to live deliberately. But I can’t do that any more so I need to just leave all of this alone, and it’s going to be so hard.

    Thank you Steve – I love this song.

  2. Chosen with you in mind, my friend. Please revisit here often, and try to find the peace of mind that seems to have eluded you.
    All the very best to you and yours.

  3. I still hope he’ll change his mind…

    Top band.

    Clever blogroll on the right!

  4. Ooh thanks, Davy! Yes, it would be sad to lose such a talent, but he has to do what makes him happy. I promised to keep in touch, so let’s see.

  5. I’ve been clicking on Pretending Life Is Like A Song in my favourites list every day. Was sad to see the ‘this blog has been removed’ notice. Drop in and see us Adam. Best of luck mate!

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