9 comments on “The Tolpuddle Martyr

  1. Ah, Peej…remember Peelie’s daytime shows where he played 50 Ft Queenie. My schoolmates were not impressed but I was.

    And then ‘Down By The Water.’ Again, I heard this on Peel, and finally saw her in 1995 at Glastonbury, where she played an excellent early evening set, wearing massive fake eyelashes, and what I can only describe as a coconut-ice pink jumpsuit. She finished with this song, on a gorgeous, hazy summers evening.

    Wow…am I the only person to like ‘Stories From The City’, then?

  2. Agreed. Original talent.
    Not sure I’d take her home to meet mum though. Doesn’t strike me as a Battenberg and doiley type of bird. “More tea, Polly love?” “Nah. Fuck off”.

    But then, mum thought Princess Di was ‘a Jezebel in a moral wasteland’.

  3. I think teenage angst is pretty universal, Steve. I grew up in Dorset so I should know. Picturesque it may be but when you’re young all you think is there’s f*** all to do.

    Some trivia for you: in my mind I alway get PJ Harvey mixed up with R Kelly, I’m guessing just because they both have initials. I think it’s fair to say I lost touch with the music scene in the 90s.

  4. Ed: I don’t know, Eduardo. Are you?? ;-)) She’s rather like Bowie in that she has such a range that nobody could be expected to like all her output. I think.
    Dick: You can always be relied upon to make me splutter with mirth into my morning cuppa. The conversation would then continue along the lines of:
    Mum: So what’s your latest song then, love? (with a distinct hint of frost in the air)
    P.J.: Oh it’s The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore. You want me to play you a bit, bitch?
    Mum: Maybe Polly would like a ride home now, son. I’m just popping upstairs to rewrite my will.
    Mick: Welcome back after a protracted absence, my friend! Yes, looking at that opening line again makes me think I should go and live life a bit more instead of writing about it. Rats. Looked good at first. Point taken.

  5. I can imagine R Kelly singing a sing called ‘the Whores hustle and the hustlers whore’ but don’t know that I can imagine Peej doing a song called ‘Bump and grind’ or ‘she’s got that vibe.’ I could, of course, be wrong.

    Oh, and last year’s White Chalk LP was pretty good as well, and yet another completely different tack, mostly voice and piano.

    Will be some PJ up on 17 Seconds by the time you read this, hopefully…

  6. Best female artist ever.

    Apologies to all those who thought I’d dropped off the planet. FiS will be up and running on a more regular basis soon – I promise

  7. Thanks, Steve. I haven’t really been away, just unavailable. I didn’t mean my comment as a criticism, more an observation. I’d just got back from a barbecue with free flowing beers when I wrote that, hence the other crap I wrote about.

  8. Batrina, or whatever your name is, maybe you should have read Dick’s comment before descending into adolescent name-calling (if you can read, that is). How to get a comment deleted in one easy step. Don’t bother to come back.

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