9 comments on “Not Just Another Drop In The Ocean

  1. Another excellent post and one of the best bands ever! Was always surprised that ‘Ocean Rain’ (the song) didn’t make it into the Festive Fifty, mind.

  2. That’s another cracking post Steve. I’m not even a big Bunnymen fan although I’ve always thought McCulloch an interesting character but putting all those songs into context got me to listen to (and enjoy)them again. I’m a chronological man I guess. Sounds like a Mark E lyric doesn’t it?
    Cheers :D

  3. Cheers, guys! You mean the Fall didn’t record ‘Chronological Man’?? I’m surprised…

  4. Cracking post Steve.
    From the comeback time, I really loved “Nothing Lasts Forever”.
    (‘I Want It Now’.. not the promise of what tomorrow brings’).
    Do you know it?

    Keep your powder dry mate.

  5. Hmmm. I loved the Bunnymen back in the day. But I was listening to Porcupine earlier this week funnily enough. And apart from the singles, it hasn’t stood the test of time for me.

    A few reasons: that comeback. I don’t think it should have happened. I saw them at a festival 98 or 99 and they might as well have been Embrace. Or worse…Coldplay. And talking of Coldplay, their second album was apparently made under the influence of the Bunnymen. Mac was even in the studio with them to give them the right vibe…

    But what stands out for me is a sense of redundancy. They were always talking about being the best band on the planet; but U2 took their similar style to much higher levels of success. Not that that means much I grant you. But the Stone Roses on the other hand…their first album takes everything The Bunnymen promised and delivers it in spades.

    I guess it was kind of like meeting up with an old girlfriend years later. I can sort of see what I saw in them, but I don’t feel it anymore.

    Great post though!

  6. Nice post! I always thought E&TB were just a little too gloomy for me. Had the group’s singles gotten radio play here, that would have been fine, but an entire album — or one side, anyway — was a little much for me. Now, with modern tech., I can have E&TB pop up between The Band and Nickel Creek and enjoy! Thanks for reminding me to give the group another chance, late as it might be! (As I’ve mentioned here before, I think, I kind of slept through a lot of the Eighties, anyway.)

  7. still one of the gtreatest shows i’ve ever seen was the bunnymen in liverpool circa heaven up here – massive.
    and the wild swans got bottled off

  8. Ally: Poor Wild Swans-shame!!
    Dick: I’m not familiar with their comeback stuff, but sounds like it’s well worth a listen.
    Whiteray: Nice to see you here again: I slept through the 90s, so don’t worry!!
    Simon: Well thought out opinions, buddy: but what’s wrong with Coldplay??

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