5 comments on “Mea Culpa

  1. You’ve just picked up a bit of god-like status yourself for those Smiths tracks Steve :D

  2. Great digging old boy. And a spade long enough to span the globe.

    With that kind of passion and commitment, don’t let yer missus consider this ‘ere blogging lark an obsession.

  3. Burning Love Jumpsuit, Cheerleader seems to have passed me by for. I only found it via your last post Steve. Fantastic it is too. Pure joy :)

    As indeed is Safe Deposit, though more euphoric than joyful.

    I have the Safe Deposit and Laika both on 12″. I think the Safe Deposit record is the one with samples from the film Westworld, or am I thinking of something else entirely. Someone please bug me to rip and upload!

    – Have I said all this before or just dump the window the draft message was in? I draft and ditch so many blog messages. I can’t be the only one to lose energy half way through can I? And then forget if I posted it or not.

  4. Well, none of these show up as clickable links for me.
    I got the Mediafire links by viewing the page source…
    Unfortunately, all three are invalid/dead.
    Re-posts would be greatly appreciated.
    Once again, thank you for the excellent blog.

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