17 comments on “Breakdown

  1. Yeah – I mean, you’re in Korea Steve. Offer to do some translating for the computer shop or something….

    Hurry back mate :D

  2. Hope you’ve been doing the right thing and have been backing up your files?

    Joke! Nah, I know how you feel. My comp died on me last year. And I didn’t have access to anything resembling online at work either. Felt like I’d had an arm chopped off for a while!

  3. Although the expression ‘Taking coals to Newcastle’ is surely apt here, I have a fair amount of spares left over from my pc repair days. It should be quite an easy thing to assess what you need and post it out so you can rebuild, yes? Tell me what you need and send /or post here the make and model number and I’ll see what I have to suit.

    Between us all – attention all Peel blog readers – I’m sure we have the power to rebuild him!

    We’ll soon have you back on line matey, have no fear :)

  4. Amen to that – and deepest sympathies. In this day and age when you have no computer it is easy to feel, as Simon says that, you are missing an arm!

  5. Shit, that’s bad news. Does that mean you’ve lost all your music? Is the hard disk rescueable?

  6. To all my friends: thank you for your suggestions and support. The truth is, my LCD screen has given up on me (I use an X Note NZ2) and so, welcome as your offer is, Gary, I doubt whether you would be able to fix this one. No (sigh) it just takes money, one thing I do not have at the moment, what with trying to save for a trip back to England and having six members of my family’s birthdays in the same month (mine’s on the 11th, by the way…;-)). The screen will cost £90-£100 to replace, but I am looking at cheaper alternatives: 1) getting an external monitor just for the time being, and, as you’ve pointed out, David and Davy, a cheap PC from teh electronics market…desktop this time. At the moment, I am viewing this on Microsoft Magnifier, on my TV screen, which makes it difficult to write…so blogging will have to wait.
    Thanks once again to you all: I will return with another super duper mega post, I just don’t know when.
    It’s lovely to be missed, by the way!!! xxx

  7. External monitor could be the way to go then for now then. If the price of second hand CRT monitors is anything like it is here, you’re laughing Steve. Well, no obviously you’re not, but here advertising has convinced people that LCD is superior so most people are gratefully giving their old CRTs away! Bargain :) I do have spare monitors but the cost of shipping one of those out to Korea might be a tad expensive!

    However, had the screen been ‘playing up’ for a while? Flickering? Dimming? Could be the inverter that’s gone and not the screen as such – the inverter powers the backlight. Might not be so costly to put right if the part is easily obtainable. Probably less than half the price you mention above. Easy to replace too. I could walk you through it.

    We don’t miss you silly, we just don’t like to hear you whine

  8. Miss your posts, although for some reason it seems to have given me an incentive to post more regularly in your absence.

    Can’t believe you’re not using work time to update the blog!

  9. You have a great music blog here! I’ve added you to mmp3blog list and custom search, chey ck it out.

    I’ve collected over 5,000 mp3blog links, accessible from the alpha menu at page top. You can open frames on these blogs to view them directly on my site, and you can also view the feeds in a frame.

    You can search your blog and all the others in my custom google search:

    Rickdog’s MP3blog search

  10. Just letting you know we haven’t forgotten you. I still check every day in the hope you’ve fixed the problem.

  11. Adam: Glad my absence has had some positive effect, anyway. I hope to be up and running again soon.
    Rickdog: Cheers, though it’s a shame you weren’t here in happier times. Your search engine is a wonder to behold, by the way!!
    Mick: Thanks for that, buddy…watch this space…

  12. Ey up young un.

    Like Mick, just checkin on yer welfare n prosperity.

    Like a majestic phoenix from the ashes, thou shalt come again.

    PS: Word verification today was HMS FOOKEM. (A new RN/S.Korean money saving collaboration perhaps?)

  13. i’m thinking of starting a collection – or just robbing one for you – i hope you’re surviving dearie and that we see you back soon

  14. Dick: Bless you, sir, you have faith in me I don’t have in myself!!
    Ally: Yes, just about thanks. As for soon, well, it’s a relative term round here!

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