10 comments on “The Boys Are Almost Back In Town, But They’ll Be Delayed A Bit Due To The Traffic At Hangar Lane, So Start Without Us

  1. Thanks each, and I’m glad you took my advice, Adam, and carried on doing your thing, cos it looks to me like you’ve lost none of your old flair. Up the workers (and right up Gordon Brown)!

  2. Glad you’re back Steve, though I didn’t actually miss you – my computer died at the same time as yours…..
    Got myself a monster now :D
    Catch you on slsk.

  3. Hello hurray, what a nice day!

    Glory glory alleluia.

    Up up and away.

    May the world’s biggest brass bugle signal your triumphant return. Parp!

    Or … Now then Steve, where the fuck have you been?

    You only went out for a bottle of milk and now look where you are.

    Thin Lizzy are a perfect subject for a return to form. Bad Reputation is the great 3 in the morning pre-hangover album.

    Hope your hard drive ointment is free of flies.

    Pip Pip

  4. It’s taken me til Tuesday to notice but welcome back. If I had the time I was going to write a Festive Fifty style pots in your absence. It would have been Jefferson Airplanes White Rabbit.

  5. Cheers all! though David, your comment about not missing me at all is rather ambiguous :-O
    I will get round to the JA track, but I feel I have to concentrate a bit more on the modern stuff, and leave my favourite hippy shit for later. It’s a blinding song, isn’t it?

  6. Great to have you back, I’ll be putting some of Thin Lizzy’s Peel sessions on FiS soon.

  7. Thank you, Adam, and I promise I will get those 1976 votes in soon! Incidentally, have you noticed that out of Peel’s 76 FF, only one record (and I think I’m right in saying this, as JP would have said) was actually released in that year? Now you can spend a happy Sunday working out which one. Answers on a postcard.

  8. I figured as much, which was a big factor in deciding to put the new fifty together. To be fair, if you did the same list this year how many records from 2008 would make the list?

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