8 comments on “Peter Grimes

  1. pleasure to some some of this modern(ish) stuff about the place – well done young chap – grand to have you back – you’ve been much missed

  2. i’ve been loving this tune thelast few days – any more recommendations along this line ?

  3. Ally – if you haven’t heard them already, I would recommend ‘Bo In Da Corner’ by Dizzee Rascal and ‘Playtime Is Over’ by Wiley. Compilations on the Soul Jazz label are worth checking out too.


  4. Thank you for helping ally out with that, Ed, cos I didn’t have a fucking clue. The only grime I really know a lot about is nestling nicely behind my cooker, so time to get the Mr Muscle out (or its Korean equivalent).
    P.S. The Koreans make cement called ‘Homo’ and fruit drinks called ‘Coolpis’. There is also an English school called ‘Toss English’. Fact.

  5. heh heh…Years ago, I remember a lemonade in France called Pischit. Not surprisingly, they didn’t market in the UK. And someone at Vauxhall/Opel didn’t speak enough Spanish to realise that they couldn’t market a car called the Nova in a spanish speaking country.

    Ah well…

  6. Oh, BTW the album by Dizzee Rascal is called Boy In Da Corner, not Bo. A teacher on holiday cannot spell, clearly…

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