4 comments on “Beckola

  1. Beck recently admitted in a Guardian article that his lyrics, for the album ‘odelay’ in particular, are by and large just placeholders (i.e. words that rhyme and go along with the melody of the song until the artist can think of meaningful lyrics). This came as something of a disappoinment to many geeks who have spent years trying to decipher hidden meaning from the apparent (now obvious) gobbledegook.

    Glad to see the old machine is hanging in there.

  2. I love Beck, some of his albums are up there with my absolute favourites over the past fifteen years. Certainly during the 90s he was one of the artists making a huge impact on me, especially during my dance crazed years.

  3. Adam: True, but I bet there are a whole lot more artistes about whom the same can be said, if they would only admit it. For example, Ian Gillan told a music rag that he didn’t know what ‘Black Night’ was all about.
    Simon: Yes, I feel like digging out the aforementioned Odelay and grooving once more to Where It’s At, Devil’s Haircut and the other excellent stuff on a well-filled album.

  4. I think it’s the fact that so many people have spent years pondering the hidden meaning of what turned out to be nonsense that makes it so funny.

    Odelay remains a personal favourite, although I love that track from the film with Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz, which had an excellent Michel Gondry video to accompany it.

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