7 comments on “Furballs

  1. I’m in full agreement, Steve. Never understood what all the fuss was about. Oh, and you’re right about bloody Melt Banana, too

  2. SFA are one of my all time favourite bands. And my wife walked up the aisle on our wedding day to Fire In My Heart.

    They’re a funny lot though. The people I know who love them really love them, most other people think they’re good but not good enough to fall in love with.

  3. I confess I knew little of their work .. until this gem of a post.

    Informative and entertaining. Why, I may even buy some of their back catalogue as a result. Now that’s the truth about fine bloggin’.

    A forlock tug and a tip of my hat to you Steve you old goat.

    Have a smashing weekend.

  4. I really like them, but they do install a fierce loyalty in quite a few people. Given that they were lumped in with the Britpop era, they have done really well. And the last great band on creation, too.

  5. Simon: A lovely story, but,as you say, they tend to polarize opinion. I obviously fall into the latter camp…
    Dick: My thanks to you, squire: I’m glad my blog is achieving its aim, rather perversely in this case, since I wasn’t exactly full of praise for the Furries. Always a pleasure to have you around!
    Ed:…and great to see you back too, Eduardo. Yes, I acknowledge all you say, but I just find it hard to get any real enthusiasm up for their music. Having said that, I spent all day humming ‘Northern Lites’ after writing this…catchy bugger, I have to admit, even if it sounds like the ‘Hawaii Five O’ them at the beginning.

  6. Wow, great blog. SFA seemed to lose me after the latest, Hey Venus, but have released some very excellent albums over the years. Rhys newest kida-solo effort, NEON NEON, is an excellent foray into the wonderful world of 80’s pop as well…I’ll be including a link on my little music blog, ifn you don’t mind…

  7. Something from’78 next, please, in celebration of the unearthing of the Festive fifty on the newsgroup!

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