8 comments on “Hit The North

  1. Love SLF. Johnnywas and Tin Soldier are songs that would sit on my list of all time favourites by any artist. I saw them live in 1990 at a tiny venue in London with Bruce Foxton on bass. I ended up very drunk dancing on the bar with a 6 ft 2 skinhead. Superb gig!

  2. Excellent post! Not always easy to track down these mp3’s, so I’m very grateful! :D

  3. Fully plugged in and back to form. Thanks Steve. I have followed this band from the outset and continue to see them when I can.

    I love it to see the students and the sons with fathers at the more recent gigs.

    What with the atmosphere, the memories, the Red Stripe beer, the fact that I had just left the RAF after 20 odd years service and the deaths I had seen during that time … the last time I saw them play Tin Soldier, it made me cry with pain, pride and frustration.

  4. Simon: Indeed…
    bad girl: No spam sites on here, please. (I would have said ‘fuck off and die’, but I’m too polite). Comment deleted.
    urban gypsy: You’re welcome. The album is totally essential, too.
    Dick: Old friend, I just knew you would comment on this, after sending ‘Tin Soldier’ into my chart last year. My dad was in the RAF, too.
    Adam: Cheeky swine ;-)). Seriously, any suggestions for future posts are welcome.

  5. the first band i ever saw without my mum and i adore them still. although i’m sure i could sue for a totally buggered throat from trying to sing along for thirty years

  6. Just posted a Ladytron session so I suppose we could linkify (been an English teacher too long) eachother if you showcase the 2002 #31 ‘Seventeen’.

  7. I saw them a year or two ago and they turn on it’s head any fear you might ever have about the old guys coming back for another go. They were, simply, fucking great, and I would go again at the slightest opportunity.

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