5 comments on “Electric Dreams

  1. Fab tune, and brilliant video. Genuinely very surprised that Ladytron haven’t ‘crossed over’ as it were, ‘cos they are fab and I think these tracks should be better heard. Such is life…

  2. Ed: I couldn’t agree more. Were it not for my FF mission, I doubt I would ever have heard of them…as it is, I intend to seek them out in Seoul music shops tomorrow!!
    Adam: Errr, buddy, did you miss the link I inserted in the text? And my credit to you for the idea?
    And what’s Bruce Boxleitner to do with it?? Moreover, who the bloody hell is he??? ;-))

  3. Got the link but can’t resist shameless self promotion.

    You’re half way there with the Disney connection… Boxleitner was almost a big star in the 80s

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