9 comments on “Not In It! – Queen

  1. You’re one of the few people that I’ve ever heard show an appreciation for “All Dead All Dead” off of NOTW. GOOD ON YA, I say! Well done, and excellent song selection as well. I stopped buying after the abysmal Hot Space but never stopped listening to their input up to the wonderfully New Wave The Game. And your description of John Deacon is spot on and dead funny.
    One question, though: wasn’t the actual song, Sheer Heart Attack written for the album of the same name, back in ’74? Just curious if you know.
    Very much enjoyed this post.

  2. Thanks each for your excellent comments.
    Uncle, it is true: ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ was half-finished at the time of that album’s recording, with Roger Taylor singing lead. I feel, although I have never heard that demo, that punk increased the energy of the song here…Taylor claimed that many punks had no talent, and this was a jibe at them (‘I feel so inarticulate’).

  3. Queen were my ‘first time’ live (milton keynes, 1982) and I also had everything up to Hot Space, which I agree was awful (although I still have a soft spot for ‘Under Pressure and can remember punching the air in glee when somebody at school told me it had gone to Number 1). I then did my usual thing of lending all of the records to somebody before going to university and then never seeing them again.

  4. Oh, and while we’re at it, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    This is my favourite blog ever. I’ve always loved the festive 50 and you’ve transformed it into a living breathing phenomenon.

    When you’ve featured every track, promise me you’ll turn this into a bloody book, OK?

  5. No pressure there young Steve! Entrailicus makes a solid point.

    I, like you, spent a good deal of my formative years listening to Queen which really began for me after the festive Rainbow gig was televised on BBC TV in 73 or 74?

    For 4 or 5 years they ruled .. ha.
    British, intelligent, versatile, poignant, funny, resentful, playful, soft and loud, courageous yet shy .. they were such a fucking revelation for a young boy.

    A Night At The Opera and A Day At The Races were pretty much all I really needed in 75 and 76.

    From time to time, I think it important to remember just how good they were.

  6. Adam: You flatter me, sir. Thank you anyway for ‘bigging me up’ (is the opposite ‘littling me down’? I’ll get me coat).
    Dick: Wise words, my man. It’s too easy to deride them. I know they weren’t perfect, but even their imperfections were worth hearing.

  7. A very underrated band by sections of the media. Hot Space may have been different, but Queen survived Punk and New Romanticism, becoming hugely successful into the eighties in the US because they could diversify.

    Loved News Of the World, with it’s cove, though as a tirteen year old who only knew them with short-hair it was a shock to see these guys with long hair.

    Still wish that a) Queen hadn’t played Sun City in 1984 (the UN were not pleased either) and that b) Freddie had made the free choice to be open about having A.I.D.S. at a time when it was a hugely misunderstood disease. As the person with the highest profile with the disease, it really might have made a difference. His decision, though…

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