4 comments on “A Life Less Ordinary

  1. PNG is a phenomenal achievement, still get a shiver up the spine wheneverr I listen to it. Anyone who says electronic music has no soul should be forced to listen to this.

    I’ve always loved Stakker Humanoid too and had no idea until now that they were responsible for that little gem. Great work!

    Saw them interviewed a couple of times and they did come across as a couple of pretentious tosser, though

  2. Just downloaded and listened to it after having locked the door to my office so that no one could see me overcome with emotion.

    Bloody marvellous.

  3. ‘Music For Locked Offices’…sounds like the title of the next Brian Eno album (who FSOL claim to be influences by). Glad you enjoyed this, Adam: did you like the session too?

  4. Certainly did!

    Yaaaay – youtube is unbanned by those crazy Turks – i can finally watch your embedded clips.

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