6 comments on “Painted Portraits Of Minions And Slaves

  1. Got to be one of your finest posts ever Steve.
    Pavement are one of those bands who kind of passed me by, but I’ve just spent the afternoon listening to every track from this post chronologically (sad isn’t it….).

    Quite seriously, one of the best blog posts I’ve ever come across. If you can get someone halfway across the world to listen to 24 tracks from a band he’s not particularly keen on, purely on the strength of your writing, you’re doing something pretty special.

    Cheers, and cheers again.
    Guess you’re enjoying the new computer huh?

  2. My thanks to you both: it took me two days to put this together, I’m glad you feel it was worth it. So do you like them now, David? just a little bit?
    I WILL enjoy my computer a lot more when I can get Windows XP in English!!! but it’s a tidy piece of kit anyway, I have to say.

  3. Yup, really enjoyed my afternoon. Really, it was a brilliant way to get into a band from so long ago and with a fair back catalogue.

    You’ve got my sympathy Steve – I’ve just had to install Vista in Italian, wasn’t too easy. And you’re trying to do it in Korean?

  4. Hi – I’ve been hunting down those peel sessions on 7inch and the 3rd one I got from 2/94 actually has Brink of the Clouds/Orange Black/Tarter Martyr/Random Title. I really want to find that peel session version of sutcliffe catering song. any idea where it would be?

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