8 comments on “Police And Thieves

  1. He is polite, ’tis true, I got a stinker of an email from fileden threatening me with removal of my account a few months back. I was not happy, and sympathise Steve; I too had stuck my email up there, and they decided to go in with the heavy mob. The band in question was Hot Chip, and I bought the album when it came out. I no longer have an account with fileden, though.

    If people do download without buying the stuff if they like it, then shame on them. As someone who is in the process of setting up a record company, I realise that people may download stuff without paying for it. I do recognise, though, that people who genuinely like it will go and buy it.

    I would be intrigued to know if Web Sheriff was acting of his own accord or under the instructions of the record company or even Van Morrison himself. If the former, I would suggest that people who leak entire album rips ahead of release or do things that exploit the vulnerable in society might be more important targets. If the latter, then I am appalled.

    As a blogger, I actually get a lot of emails from PR companies, artists and oh yes, record companies begging me to promote their stuff. Some folks have cottoned onto the fact that, actually, this IS how you sell records in the modern age.

    ‘Astral Weeks’ is rightly recognised as a classic.However, like a lot of music of the era, it never charted in the UK. Nor did Nick Drake’s trilogy of albums, and both John Martyn and Richard Thompson did not chart albums in the UK until ten years or more into their respective solo careers. Why do I bring this up? Because had the technology of blogging been around at the time, I bet this exactly how the artists of the era, and this calibre would have marketed their records. Radio was far, far more closed then, in the UK at any rate.

    Finally, I feel let down by Fergal Sharkey. This is a man who grew up in the Bogside area of Derry, whose bandmate wore a black armband on TOTP when Bobby Sands was died…and he sanctions all this. For shame, Fergal, for shame.

    Sorry, rant over.

  2. Howdy Steve,

    If that Web Sheriff shows his face around So-it-goes Towers again give Mickey the Kid a call. I’ll ride in at high noon and fill him full of lead before riding off into the avalon sunset.

  3. There’s something particularly ironic about a John Peel blog attracting the attention of Web Sheriff, given that most of the people with an interest in the F50 would have been taping the shows in the first place. And I’ve no doubt that would have included Mr Sharkey.
    Oh and, the Junior Murvin version was always far superior anyway :D

  4. ‘As a blogger, I actually get a lot of emails from PR companies, artists and oh yes, record companies begging me to promote their stuff. Some folks have cottoned onto the fact that, actually, this IS how you sell records in the modern age.’

    Me, too. I will be featuring more new bands on FiS in the coming months.

    ‘For shame, Fergal, for shame.’

    You’d think if anyone knew better it would be him.

    Don’t let these bastards grind you down.

  5. thanks for your support, guys. Maybe I’m making too much out of this: after all, it’s over a year and scores of tracks before I got a petty (even if polite) niggle come my way. And, like all of you, I suppose I’m setting myself up for it by sharing music I don’t own the rights to.
    Yet that is all missing the point. Ed has put it all in a nutshell: the Internet has now supplanted radio in the dissemination of new music. This is where you can get to find and discover things, and then pour your hard-earned into the record companies’ pockets. Why would anybody (with the exception of John Peel, and he ain’t here any more) make a habit of buying smething they hadn’t heard beforehand? Never mind if it’s 39 years old…there4 will still be a sizeable audience who haven’t hard it.
    And those are the people my humble effort is aimed at. Throw away the free publicity if you like.l It doesn’t make any difference to my life.
    What this has proved to me abve al is what a sterling bunch of guys the other bloggers are. Sensible, caring, opinionated…Ed, Adam, Mick, Davy and David, not to mention those who don’t want to comment but are sagely nodding their heads. I salute you all. TK will continue unabated.

  6. That’s what you get for using a wireless keyboard…a comment that is straight out of the Grauniad. Excuse spelling errors.

  7. Great work all round Steve. I’ll support you til the streams of consciousness dilute the Muddy Waters. Don’t be fooled by the friendly polite ‘warning’. I’m sure Jack the Ripper came across as a reet charmer before removing the entrails.

    I’d love to have a Moonshine Whiskey with Van’s late Belfast shipworker dad and debate the merits of music appreciation on the internet.

    Chin up kid. There’s more appreciative fish to be frying.

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