6 comments on “After The Filth And The Fury

  1. Another sterling post, Steve, and I’m really glad to see the Peel sessions here too.

    P.I.L. might have been abrasive, but as time goes by, it’s interesting to wonder if they were actually far more important than the Sex Pistols. Whatever we might think of John Rotten/Lydon as a person, and I’m not sure the joke isn’t on us all, he has been responsible for being involved in some of the most amazing music of the last thirty years or so, even if the last groundbreaking thing was Leftfield Lydon’s ‘Open Up’ in 1993.

    In some ways, I wonder if PIL lost a bit of their edge post Flowers Of Romance. It mist have been one of the most bizarre thinsg ever to appear on top of the Pops, but it did, and for all those it freaked out, it probably inspired one or two, and that’s what counts.


  2. Yup, that was EXACTLY what I meant! It’s funny, TOTP may have seemed conservative to some, but then they did feature the Exploited doing ‘Dead Cities’ and The Orb playing space chess for ‘Blue room’ and one or two other groundbreaking things over the years, it wasn’t ALL staid stuff…

  3. Excellent post, Steve.

    Back in the day, I remember citing PiL to mates at University, and all I got was the standard reply, “well, I liked the [first] single”. These days, Metal Box gets a regular outing in my house but I’m not even remotely moved by the Pistols.

  4. Yeah duffpaddy’s nailed it there I think Steve.
    I know you’ve got to be in the mood to listen to it, but a lot of PIL still sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday.
    Important as the Sex Pistols were, you’ve got to admit it sounds a bit..well, like The Sex Pistols.

  5. Ed: Good point. The prog went through a commendable phase of featuring album tracks and non-chart stuff (since FOR never even made the top 40, they stuck thier necks out a bit there).
    Eddie: Nice to see you back here, buddy. Yes, I tend to prefer ‘Metal Box/Second Edition’ to ‘Bollocks’, half of which by the time it came out had already been released.
    David: Can’t disagree there. Isn’t it funny how the biggest internal tensions within a band tend to produce the best music? I would love to have been at the PIL gig where they played all their songs from behind a screen: reminiscent of the first performance of Walton’s ‘Facade’ (provoking a similar reaction from the audience).

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