5 comments on “Blues Run The Game (Again)

  1. Smashing work ‘our man in S Korea’.

    Am reading this in a lonely Travelodge on the A34 near a dark grey Newbury.

    ‘Me and room service, baby’. (That’s if there were any chuffin’ room service, save an overpriced vending machine and a Burger King). Send out for whisky baby, send out for fries! Not the same is it?

  2. Indeed not, Dick. Glad you enjoyed this one, but pray, why are you stuck in a Travelodge? Is there something we should know???

  3. Cheers Steve – an opportunity for me to have a decent listen to (another) band I’ve over-looked in the past.

    You’ve really hit on a winning format here. The mix of album tracks and Peel Sessions worked really well with your Pavement posting and encouraged me to sit down and have a proper listen.

    Looking forward to doing the same with Black Keys. Haven’t had time to listen yet but I will, I will.

    Top stuff.

  4. Thanks David. It’s certainly caused me to reassess my opinion of these groups too. Due to your encouragement, I will persist with this formula (if I can get hold of the sessions!).

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