11 comments on “200

  1. We love you man!

    Great choice of music for this commemorative post – best album cover ever, best PF album ever – who needed punk when you had an album full of 15 minute prog rock epics.

    Don’t forget to come and vote for the ’76 festive 50 folks!!!!

  2. Gutted about Rick Wright.

    Thanks for flagging up 17 seconds and writing what is my favourite blog of all!

    Here’s to the next lot!


  3. Aaww Steve, you’re such a diamond geezer.

    My glass is brimming with pear cider, humble thanks and sincere appreciation for your genuine labour of love. You continue to educate, enlighten and entertain. Indeed, my good fellow, if anyone ever needed an example of how effective and successful this ‘new’ internet blogging lark can be, they need only sidle up to your place, pour a drink and rest awhile with a choon and a chuckle.

    Many happy revolutions per minute on your 200th post. (People pick up Knighthoods for less).

    A word too for your missus whom, I suspect, is the Corinthian pillar propping you up at times?

  4. I hope this new computer of yours will last till you reach 1000 posts :-) Thanks for all the info, music and fun I have everytime I visit your blog. Carry on mate!

  5. Props to all who replied, and sorry for leaving you out, whiteray: I always manage it somehow!!
    Bynar, I hope it lasts longer than 1000!!! I paid enough for it!! ;-))
    Dick: I think my wife puts up with my hobby rather than encourages it: but I’m glad she’s there!!

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