8 comments on “‘Prog Rock Is Making A Comeback’

  1. Once Upon A Time was the big album for me and my mates at school. Then I sort of worked my way backwards through the SM canon. Wasn’t particularly fond of any of the really early stuff, or anything that came after ’86, but I still love New Gold Dream, Sparkle and Once even now. (yes, yes, I know these albums would be deemed desperately uncool by anyone whose musical tastes were a bit more esoteric at the time, but – until my Smiths obsession belatedly took hold – they were the soundtrack to my teenage years and I loves ’em!)

  2. Thanks for posting the Peel session (although I haven’t had the cahance to download it yet). ‘Reel To Real Cacophony’ was my first Simple Minds album and ‘Premonition’ and ‘Changeling’ were early favourites. I posted a live version of ‘Premonition’ here if anyone’s interested.

  3. Whilst i find ‘Belfast Child’ vile, and I generally tail off after the ‘Once Upon A Time’ LP (though I do like ‘See the Lights’ single from 1991) I do think the early stuff, up to 1985 inclusive is great. It’s funny, they and U2 were always seen as rivals; in the early years, Simple Minds were by far the more pioneering band. ‘I Travel’ and ‘Theme For Great Cities’ are still astounding.

    Their manager for the eighties was one brice Findlay, who now manages Aberfeldy. Small world…

  4. Saw them live in ’89 on the Street fighting years tour, which was probably about 5 years too late.

    Can’t listen to ‘Don’t you forget about me’ without singing ang to the lah lah lah lahi though!

  5. I saw them in ’89 too, at Wembley Arena. They did a three-hour set, which felt like – and indeed was – an awfully long time. Dying for a pee by the end, I was.

  6. In an attempt to give it one last try, have bought vinyl copies of Street Fighting Years LP from 1989 and Real Life LP from 1991 for £1 today, to see if I have been unreasonable…

  7. You’re welcome, Mick!
    A noble decision, Ed. As you recently said, quite rightly, it is questionable whether we really appreciate music at the time, and sometimes we need to reappraise, as JP did frequently.

  8. Real Life has great songs; however street fighting years, on the other hand, let’s just say i’m glad I didn’t pay more than a quid for it…

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