4 comments on “Never Surrender

  1. Ever so welcome writing and nostalgia, over the last 2 posts in particular Steve. That period of music seems branded on my soul.

    Sad and tragic tale about Malcolm. Such youth, energy and passion with music the catalyst. As I’m older now and a parent, I feel for his folks – as they’ve grown older without him – and indeed his own kids if he had them.

    Not sure if The Adverts made a passing nod within the FF, but they also remind me of this time.

    Thanks again mate.

  2. Woo (and yay).
    Nostalgia indeed. It’s a pretty tragic tale, but it does capture the mood of those (sometimes tragic) times.
    Can’t think of a better band to have wasted your youth shouting along to…..thanks for the memories Steve.
    And really well handled sir – my compliments :D

  3. I love The Ruts, there’s an energy in their music that for me overtakes Weller and Strummer in the studio. There’s a real fire there that for me is only matched by Patti Smith on the other side of the Atlantic. I wasn’t old enough to do so, but I would have loved to see them live…

  4. Great band. I’ve been playing ‘West One’ a lot lately and it still sounds so SHARP.

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