5 comments on “The 2008 Peel Sessions Poll

  1. Great idea. I’ll have my choices with you soon. Shame we can’t include any of those non-Peel sessions I keep accidentally posting.

    Also, please, please, please everyone come and vote for the new 1976 Festive 50 over at FiS. I might have to cancel it if things don’t pick up soon.

  2. We can’t have that! Vote now, or I shall follow the example of the guy in the 1996-11-02 Peel Show and play Des O’ Connor LPs in a public place.
    Seriously, come on, people: this is a brilliant idea of Adam’s. Support him.

  3. Gloriously admirable worldwide quests – both Steve and Adam.

    Mmmm, I’ll sit on the loo to cogitate and consider.
    (Just wondering, did folk really used to wear ‘thinking caps’?)

  4. Heh heh, what a great Sunday I’m going to have, trying to sort this out :D

    Serious question Steve – does ‘Peel Sessions’ encompass events like ‘Live at Peel Acres’ (you probably know who I’m thinking about…) and particularly one-offs like Burns Night broadcasts?

    I’m really looking forward to this. Time to put the kettle on (and the stereo).

  5. Dick: Do you do all your thinking on the bog? If so, since it’s produced so much brilliant prose, I must try it.
    David: Oh, yes it does. Anything in Ken’s book can be voted for (if you don’t have a copy, I will be routinely checking all votes anyway, so don’t worry, just remember mine’s a cup of Tetley’s).

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