22 comments on “The Beginning Of The End

  1. I feel your pain Steve, I really do. I’ve suffesered in exactly the same way… the bloody K-Tel compilation of all things. I’m working on a way round it, which will become evident in my next post, in which I plan to take on the arch enemy Metallica (of whom I remain a fan, it has to be said). May I suggest going the podcast route… no one seems to have complained about it when the music comes with my ramblings in between tracks.

    You also know how much cajoling I’ve had to do with my new FF effort, so please don’t be too downhearted.

    A lot of people would miss you very much if you stopped so please don’t.

  2. Don’t go! As a quite regular comment freak I implore you! (And I don’t even download!)I just come here for the writing!!

  3. Steve, Steve…

    Maybe it’s just the start of something new (like a revolution!) I’d echo what ac@45 says above though. I genuinely don’t come here for the downloads (although that’s not to say I don’t take some of them anyway :D).
    But truthfully, I’ve got the entire JP FF’s already (downloaded), but as an example, your post on The Ruts was such a complete musical history I did dl it and put it in a seperate folder.

    You’re a great writer Steve – even about bands I can’t stand. Please don’t give up mate.

    And as for your Peel Sessions poll – it’s pretty difficult to do y’know? I’ve spent the last two Sundays trying to figure out my choices. It’s been brilliant fun, and I’ve played a lot of great music while making up my mind. You’ll def get a response from me (and a lot of others I guess). It just takes a bit of time.

    Sure the DMCA business is crap, but the blog’s done for love isn’t it? We’re with you buddy.

  4. Do not act in anger. Take a few days. Come back. Simple as that.

    As Van The Ban would say ‘It’s Too Late To Stop Now!’ x

  5. Oh bloody hell, who do these evil sods think they are?

    I think we have to fight back, please do not give up.


    Oh, and I’m sorry about the Peel sessions thing, I am planning to vote but I was still trying to work out which sessions were my favourite.

  6. All these lovely folk are right, dear Steve. Chew on it awhile fella. Life has never been fair, but rest assured mate that your efforts are appreciated by many. I lost my job last week having done no wrong. I have no income. That is a kick in the slats.

    Stay philosophical about the stroppy objectors. They have their perspective. One man’s violation is another man’s innocent hug.

    You are pretty isolated as far as miles from ‘home’ go and that perhaps doesn’t help? Mouseclicks aint as comforting as a pie and a pint, but that’s what we do metaphorically when we share music and thoughts.

    Those magpies and seagull visitors who swoop in, pick on the bones and take, without even a small deposit of thanks, are symptomatic of the disposable and discourteous world we share.

    As I’ve said before, I’d support you til the cows come home … but would also fully understand and respect your decision if you place the tin lid on it.

    yours aye


  7. I’m really sorry to hear your frustration. I understand that it must feel difficult, but the man just uses these heavy handed tactics to break your spirit and to push you to stop doing what your doing. It’s all part of the fight and things. The right for the public to comment on the arts has taken many blows from in the past few decades, but the internet has fostered a growing community of people fighting back. You should keep writing to show your support. I believe that change is coming. It may only be incrementally, but it is happening now.

    I want you to know that I read your posts religiously and truly enjoy what you have to say. I, and I know many others, would be disappointed to see you go.

    You may be familiar with the work of Professor Lawrence Lessig at Stanford. He has written extensively on the problems with the current copyright regime. I suggest that you send you him the post that got taken down and the response you got and he may be able to point you in the direction of someone that could help you. I follow his blog and he seems like a busy person, but also seems to be really concerned about issues like the ones you are facing. You can find him at http://www.lessig.org.

    Thank you for all your past work. It has not gone unappreciated. I hope you will continue doing it.



  8. Hi Steve

    I’m adding my tuppence worth to the debate over at TVV come Sunday 26 October….there is a way round this comrade…..

    And sorry that I havent ever left a comment here before….there’s just some things written that are imposible to add to.

  9. Everyone’s said it and maybe Davy got to one part of the heart of it – don’t act in anger, just wait it out and see. And then, hopefully, you won’t go.

  10. please excuse my language (and apologies to alan moore) but

    who watches the fucking watchmen?

  11. Steve I’ve only just discovered you as a result of this shitstorm and I’m saddened to think that I’ve found my way here at the end of what is obviously a thoughtful and heartfelt blog. Hang in there.

    (I too have had trouble with singular Van tracks. So I’m not writing about him anymore despite the fact that he’s one of my favourites. Kinda turns you off the music a little bit too sometimes doesn’t it?)


  12. Sorry, I meant to say that ‘I WOULD BE saddened to think that I’d found my way here at the end of what it obviously a thoughtful and heartfelt blog’ – my hope is that this is NOT the end!

  13. The fightback must begin dear Steve, There is support for all of us out there, and there is no way on earth that these ‘people’ at the DMCA can be allowed to dictate what is happening.

    Solidarity, comrade!


  14. Close your eyes and count to ten. I know not getting comments can be annoying especially when you’ve spent a long time on a post but, at the end of the day, you have to please yourself and not worry about the audience.

    This DMCA business is worrying though.

  15. I think the main problem is posting songs by bands that still have the big companies milking their music for all they’re worth. The Beatles can always sell so the fat, greedy cunts that own their music don’t like anybody in their territory. I’m certainly not defending them, they should be hung until dead…
    But mate, you get loads more comments than I do!
    I’d just say- be careful about what music you post.

  16. I’m not even sure that, to the niblick who gets in touch with Blogger, it even really matters what music is posted: Pne of three notices I received was for posting a duetby Demis Roussous and Nancy Boyd, hardly the richest item in a catalog. I have my own theories . . . still forming. But hang in and, as Davy said, let the anger pass and consider things carefully.

  17. Steve, I am simply writing this in support of what you do. I was introduced to your blog by Ed at 17 seconds, that and Teenage Kicks are my two favoutite blogs and it would be a damn shame to lose you both.
    “don’t let the bastards grind you down”

  18. Steve,

    I too have had the same treatment.
    I’ve said plent on this on various other blogs but my last word on this is that I will prevail.

    Please pass this on – I just found all my posts untouched and unaltered via Google Reader.
    In case anyone is unfamiliar – open Google use the drop down on ‘more’ and select Reader.
    In the reader homepage click add subscription and paste the URL of your blog – bingo!

    I didn’t know this until someone told me – now at least I have the archive of my posts that I stupidly didn’t keep before now.

    Please pass on



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