20 comments on “Return Of Django

  1. This way I’ll assure myself at least one comment!
    From the All-Time Festive Fifty 2000, #41, a tribute to all those who have supported me:
    mp3: Beach Boys, God Only Knows. Bless you all x.

  2. Glad to see you’re sticking around. I understand what you mean about comments; and I don’t see anywhere near as many downloads as some of the people whose blogs I frequent (my biggest download was about 200). But mostly I’ll go along with Lee and say do it for yourself first and foremost. It’s the only real way to go about a creative endeavour; everything else in my humble opinion follows behind that.


  3. Good lad :)

    At least Kan Kan are still in with a shout, but I don’t expect that to last ;)

  4. Glad you’re continuing, thought we were going to see ‘When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease!’

    best wishes, Ed

  5. Simon: Thanks buddy! It’s the only way, so expect a week of Fall posts (just kidding, Mick…).
    Huge: 45 years old and I still get called a ‘lad’: I’m flattered. As for the poll, anything’s possible so far, with only 25 votes to tally :-((
    Ed: You don’t know how close it came. mate. Hope you’re going to carry on your fight, too.

  6. Good for you! I’m still not certain what I will do. I may lay low for a while as far as posting music is concerned. I’m a writer, though, so I’ll almost certainly keep posting my musings, for what they’re worth. Rock on!

  7. Oh fuck. Not more ramblings of the 45 year old expat with the gorgeous wife.

    I was hoping you’d be concentrating solely on the Christmas stuff from now on.

    Only joking our kid!
    Best news I’ve had since I found a tenner in my old suit pocket.

    Oh and it’s purely indecision that has delayed my vote. (No it’s not!) Will get back on the crapper and consider some more.

    Keep the grin

  8. have dedicated latest post to you over at 17 Seconds, with a picture of Che guevera and an mp3…well, you’ll have to come over to hear it!

  9. Woo and yay!
    I still think we should get The Guardian to take it up though – they’ve just raised £80K in one day to fund a fun advertising thing. There’s a real and serious issue here.

    But woo and yay again!
    (I know, I know, the Peel Sessions nominations….I’m off to the crapper again too).

  10. Let’s see how the tactic of linking to the download in the comments section works – good ploy if you ask me.

    Really glad you’re still around. I’m one of the many who visit your blog for the wirting and rarely download, which is why it’s so absurd that the buggers delete your entire post rather than merely disabling the download.

    I’ve got a new podcast ready for download and will be putting it on the blog today, probably.

    Don’t scare us like that again Steve, you’re too bloody good at this.

  11. It’s the right decison in a world of malice.

    On a practical level, some actions I have taken:

    1. Removed all links from archived posts, even if they are dead

    2. Backed up the blog

    3. Kept copies in Word of all recent posts so I can at least reinstate the writing if they are removed.

    I won’t be posting any Van, Beatles or the like either!!

  12. Glad you’re continuing. As for comments v downloads ratio, we’ve all been there. You think you’ve got it bad, I’ve had one comment from my last 12 posts but hundreds of downloads. And the comment…

    Was to point out an incorrect upload!

    Perhaps it’s just my dull writing.

  13. Yeah Steve: relieved to hear you decided to continue!

    Keep on the brilliant work, mate!

    Dirk from Sexyloser

  14. Just to let you know that your work and passion is very much appreciated, regardless of whether I post a comment.

    Sometimes, I’m merely left speechless, because your writing is some of the better among the music blogs I frequent. Keep the faith, and THANKS for doing what you do!

  15. Yeah, I’m glad your going to continue. I will try to double guess what I’ll upload, and how I do so. Plus I’m thinking of migrating from Blogger; maybe making use of a non-US based server. But I’m determined that The Man will not get me down.

    So I’m encouraged to see that other affected bloggers are not going to be bullied either. You now how it goes with bullies: if you don’t let yourself be bullied, they lay off (or have you assassinated).

    Keep up the great work, and don’t worry too much about the scarcity of comments; it’s not reflection on your work.

  16. well done duckie – i’m awfully sorry i haven’t sorted out my sessions yet it’s loads loads loads harder than i thought i’d be but i’ll bite the bullet and just pick some i promise.
    courage comrade!

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