6 comments on “Here Comes The Hotstepper

  1. I’ve even had my bloody podcast post removed by these bounders. Probably Oasis needing a few extra quid to keep their bathtub full of champagne.

    Have taken to using your backdoor strategy. Let’s see how it goes.

  2. I’ve had this track for years and I’ve never, ever played it.
    Guess I’d better sort that out now….well done Steve.
    I’ll let you know..

  3. A great track, actually I HAVE tried to buy this but couldn’t find it on either iTunes or eMusic. Hmm…

  4. What a great track! I don’t own much of this kind of music, not beacuse I don’t like it but rather because I don’t know where to start! Even the specialist dance record shops are confusing. I really do miss (the Mighty) John Peel because he was the only one prepared to play this sort of stuff regularly and open my ears to it.
    By the way, I saw Twis Up 12″ on eBay for £25 six months ago, I guess it’s rare then…
    Thanks for choosing to continue with your blog Steve, it is genuinely a damn fine read.

  5. Typical, isn’t it? Castigate people for not buying enough music, then make it unavailable. Tsk. And thanks for all the compliments, guys, I’m happy to still be here.

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