5 comments on “I’m A Little Bit Country

  1. Agree re: supergroups, to a point. Both of your examples (Buffalo and Cream) released some great, classic stuff, and, with CSNY, Stills/Young, Crosby/Nash, Fogelberg & Stills, etc., etc., those guys were more serial familial players than not.

    Best recent supergroup was Golden Smog (w/ members of Wilco, Soul Asylum, Jayhawks, etc.) – like the supergroups of yore, they too had great songs but no great albums. But I like the throwaway stuff, too.

  2. supergroups are so rarely super because they always, always fail to add up to the sum of their parts.

    great bands always transcend the limitations of their individual talents. great bands are when things click, it’s like planets aligning or finding someone you can fall in love with.

    (Love Jeff Tweedy’s stuff, but Golden Smog leaves me cold. S’not a patch on any Wilco or Uncle Tupelo stuff.)

  3. Adam, words fail me. I used a box of Kleenex just reading your words (and for the tears, not what the rest of you were thinking. Dirty buggers ;-))
    I’ve got nothing against supergroups, guys, but I can’t help thinking there’s a smugness behind it all, a money-making exercise that just screams: laziness and a readiness to arm a project that music history has proven to be wrong so many times. And yet…what would we have missed without them? The mind boggles.

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