6 comments on “Planet Waves

  1. Davy: All excellent suggestions, and all totally appropriate. I will forward them to the review committee for consideration ;-))
    david: My thoughts exactly. I have now, it seems, lost the ability to both include links (and when I print them separately, they’re cut up) AND to delete comments I have written. Anybody had the same problem? Or have I been rumbled?
    I am now considering moving the blog to another server, and would welcome suggestions as to one that will not persecute me for providing aural examples of what I write about. What’s WordPress like? Anybody?

  2. Excellent stuff. I may be in the minority on this, but play ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’ and then a Dire Straits track like Tunnel of Love, for example. I seriously reckon that Mark Knopfler was inspired by Peter Perrett and co. Hope PP has now got on top of his issues; in a piece in Mojo a little while ago, he pretty much said that he’d sold his house to pay for drugs, which seemed desperately desperately sad.

  3. Thanks for that, Eduardo. Another rock casualty.
    And yes, I think DS nicked a lot of their ideas too, now you mention it!
    On a side issue, I have changed the style of the commenting form, and seem to have my deletion facility re-enabled. Let’s hope the links work next time, too.

  4. The Only Ones performed on Jools Holland’s show a couple of months back and they can obviously still play a good tune. Peter Perrett did look like death warmed up though. Try this link (I’ve not done this before so sorry if it don’t work)- http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=924icEyD7YI
    I seem to recall reading an interview with the band a long time ago and they reckoned that the Peel Sessions LP was their best album by far.

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