14 comments on “Not OK

  1. Kan Kan, now there was a band hahaha ;)

    Anyway, Radiohead, I lost my way with them around Kid A / Amnesiac, still some good tunes on there but they’d lost their melodic latitude. I saw them live around that time and the Kid A / Amnesiac songs sounded so much better live, maybe they were just hung up on the toys they had at their disposal in the studio? As for OK Computer, no way is it the number one rock album of all time! Half of it is quite fantastic but it’s severely let down by the other half.

  2. Why do bands do this? Maybe they don’t want to play 10,000 different variations of ‘Creep’ for the rest of their lives.

    I’m not a Radiohead fan at all but I do admire bands who want to challenge themselves and try new things, record sales be damned. Otherwise Bowie would never have made ‘Low’ or ‘Heroes’

  3. Hi Lee, good to see you here again. Point taken, but it certainly doesn’t seem to have hurt their sales at all, does it? I was getting at the indulgence for its own sake that ‘Kid A’ displays, the sheer soullesness and nerve at taking such a radically different path with such mind-numbing effect and being so handsomely rewarded for it. After all, Status Quo don’t seem to mind playing a million rehashes of ‘Rocking All Over The World’, and nobody criticises them (in fact, they were one of Peel’s favourite bands). Or maybe I’m just a big Luddite…so what? ;-))

  4. Oh Hugh, just got that one: reference to ‘Airbag’, isn’t it? Every one a gem :-)).
    BTW, apparently my buddy Ed is having trouble posting comments, even though I’ve disabled the word verification feature. Anyone else having the same prob?

  5. Radiohead are just plain crap. Later era Marillion (yes, Marillion) made an album that sounded remearkably like OK Computer a year before these middle-class art college twats foisted the supposed best rock album ever on to the NME-brainwashed masses. That’s right folks, if you think OK Computer is great, you have to love Marillion’s mid ’90s output just as much or you’re into them just because you’ve bought into the music press hype and adoration. I’m so glad we seem to agree on this band Steve. What a bunch of pretentious gits.

  6. In case I didn’t state my opinion clearly enough, I think Radiohead suck ass and they make me want to smoke crack whenever I hear their music.

  7. I bought the Kid A LP when it came out and I must admit, I thought it was a cracking album. I’ve listened to it again tonight (inspired by this here fantastic blog) and in my opinion it stands up well, particularly the track National Anthem. However, I’ve not really liked anything else by them, including CREEP, and I’ve never really understood why they are so huge and revered by so many. But then again, I think that about REM…

  8. I like Radiohead and I don’t understand the point of this criticism.

    Indulgence? Meh. Anyone who picks up an instrument and performs in front of other people is indulgent.

  9. Thanks for the comment, King Pin. You’re entitled to your opinion, as I am to mine. It’s gratifying that folk are responding in decent numbers, for a change. As John Peel said, ‘If people complain, you know you’re doing something right’.

  10. Saw Radiohead 1993, not impressed. Didn’t liked Creep, still don’t. OK Computer surprised me by being OK, really good in parts. Love Kid A – listening to it now and it is still quite brilliant, their best. Hail To The Thief is their other great album.

  11. I don’t see why you’re angry at them changing direction though? As a group of people in a band they’re entitled to do whatever they feel like, whether it’s acid-jazz or country music. They listened to Aphex Twin a lot before the album’s creation. They listened to Pixies a lot before Creep et al. That their new musical direction represented by Kid A was so ‘handsomely rewarded’ is good – it shows that at least some people are able to broaden their taste.

  12. I’m not angry, Terry, I am criticising Radiohead’s self-indulgence, as I believe I’ve made more than clear, and their seeming cavalier attitude at what amounts to sticking a middle finger up to their following (that’s why I included the quote). Of course, people are entitled to record what they like…but they should surely come out with something better than that. And, STATING MY PERSONAL OPINION, I am entitled (as this is my blog) to say that I also find their subsequent output well below par.
    I respect what you have to say, though, and I always attempt to ‘broaden my musical taste’. However, we all have our own little likes and dislikes, and this is the forum to air them. As one of my readers commented, I’m not necessarily going to like everything that was in the Festive Fifty, it’s just my area of interest. Peel said, ‘I defend to the death the Sex Pistols’ right to record what they like, but I also reserve my right to refuse to listen to it.’ He didn’t like them much either, and he had the most eclectic tastes of just about anybody.
    End of topic?

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