6 comments on “2008 Peel Sessions Poll: Last Scores On The Doors

  1. I feel I’ve done all I can for the cause Steve, now vote you buggers, VOTE!

    If not, you face the prospect of AC/DC’s session topping the charts.

  2. All those who have visited this site and stolen away into the night with a song under their arm MUST vote in this man’s poll.

    Failure to do so will result in my producing my large wet fish again. This scaly piscine specimen will be used to slap you alarmingly around the head.

    I knows where you live.

    May you and your cod go with you.

  3. Adam: You certainly have, my son, and many thanks for it.
    Mick: Cool, buddy, I look forward to them.
    Dick: Well, that’s a threat to strike fear into the heart of any man. I appreciate your guardianship. I hope people don’t think I’m just fishing for compliments. Boom boom.
    Errr…check please.

  4. Interesting new interior design Steve. Very Lawrence Llewllyn-Bowen.

    Conjours up Snowflakes in a Tobagon Sunrise!

    (That’s Tobagon as in ‘Tobago’ not toboggan as in sledge).

    How’s the vote counting going? Any need of a re-count?

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