4 comments on “Countdown To Festive Season #1: 1977

  1. Great stuff, little of which I remember, having only been 4 at the time. This was the year that the Muppets arrived in Britain. If memory serves me, they had Bruce Forsyth as a guest.

    I’ll be posting my next installment soon.

  2. Nice new look!

    Though ‘regrettably’ David Soul’s ‘Don’t Give Up On Us Baby’ ?? This is a solid gold classic!

  3. Adam: You are correct, my friend: he had a great fight with Miss Piggy and showed Fozzy Bear how to deal with heckling from Statler and Waldorf. I liked the John Cleese one best, though.
    Davy: Thanks for the compliment. I fear we shall have to agree to differ on opinions about David (R) Soul, though…

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