4 comments on “Countdown To Festive Season #2: 1979

  1. I was in the audience for that Fawlty Towers episode, listen closely and you can probably hear me laughing.

  2. I’m almost tempted to discuss the ‘fake’ top 10. Should I confess? Excellent work as ever.

  3. Cracking work as usual Steve.

    Oh, that green vinyl Jimmy Jimmy takes me back. (Mars Bars on the other side?). Purchased it from a record shop called 'Scene & Heard' whilst wearing my red and white hooped mohair jumper and a silver razor blade pendant. Silly young sod.

  4. Adam: Ball’s very firmly in your court on that one, buddy. Think it’s pretty much common knowledge, anyway…and thanks for the compliment.
    Lee: Trying to make me jealous, eh? Well, you’ve succeeded. Not having ever heard you laugh, though, the task you set is a difficult one ;-)).
    Dick: Ta, buddy. Great memory, by the way. You should see pictures of what I looked like then. I still pay my mum blackmail money to keep them in the sideboard.

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