5 comments on “Countdown To Festive Season #4: 1983

  1. Micheal Foot has said that he knew, in 1983, he had the only chance he would ever have to put forward a programme which was exactly what he believed in, to make arguments on principle and to not compromise, and fair fucking play to him. After the nonsense of the Falklands and the horrors of the press Labour were never going to win that election – better to stand up and be counted than meekly slide. All of this is a bit of a reaction to that ‘worzel gummidge’ comment which I think is a bit off. :) Although possibly not as ‘off’ as ‘Apple brought out their first PC’ although that might be me not knowing what I”m talking about. I’m reliving lots of 1983 at the moment, it still managed to be, in all sorts of ways, a very good year.

  2. Hi Adam, a couple of good points there. I’ve changed the thing about Apple because it was late and I misread the facts, so fair play. My reference to Michael Foot was a snipe at his well-documented lack of sartorial elegance (especially the Remembrance Day appearance), but I have to say that I cannot understand how he supported CND on the one hand and supported Maggie’s Falklands intervention on the other. Also, that’s how Private Eye referred to him at the time, and they spoke my language. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Never mind the student politics what about the hot Martini girl? I had a flashback to my youth at 6:58 of your ad break clip. I used to love the way she smooths her skirt as the lift door closes. Still do! (I feel a mid-life crisis coming on)

  4. Did you see the documentary on Weller recently with old Boy George singing the Woking fellow's praises?

    I found this odder than a chained-up rent boy.

    I'd have had those 2 living in parallel universes in 83/84. Perhaps TSC would've done a good Church Of The Poisoned Mind though?

    By the way, and off the beaten track, (I thought I'd slip this in gently on a first class site) …

    I had a truly outstanding evening last Sat night with 'From The Jam' at The Leeds Carling Academy.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. The gig just flew by. No padding, no duds – just perfect. It helped that it was Rick's (53rd) birthday, a Saturday night, perfect crowd, not a moment's trouble, great atmosphere, good venue. After just 10 mins or so, I was 'aving it large' at the front. It had to be done!

    One new song slipped in – 'Later Day' – which may be released as a single evidently.
    Trademark sound, upbeat with a few, ahem partially recognisable hooks. To be honest, and I choose my words very carefully here, Tube Station (and quite a few others) rarely sounded better. A new DVD ('A 1st Class Return') just released covering the London Forum gig and interviews with the chaps.

    Importantly, the band really enjoyed themselves – and seemed somewhat overwhelmed with the support throughout the evening and the breathtaking reception at the end.

    Usual mixture of generations in the audience. I even danced with a young black girl at one point! (Unheard of 30 yrs ago). Of course, don't get me wrong, there was many a like-minded 40-55 year old dad to be seen. At one point, I became detached from my mate Steve (again .. see Morecambe & Wise piece at IWICBCED). He has a shaven head; so I thought he'd be easy enough to spot in the crowd. But, as I turned to look back into the steamy throng, I just saw a rough sea of a thousand bald sweaty heads!

    Steve took his 16 year old son and his mate along. They were blown away by the night and had never witnessed anything like it. The boy even got me Rick's towel at the end – which came back with us to O'Neills for a few Guinness Reds! Such 'memorabilia' nonsense reminded me of the open soundcheck days of yesteryear!

    Bruce said 'See you next year', so I suspect that they will be around for a good while yet. I, for one, hope so.

    Sorry to go on – just thought you might be interested.


  5. Mick: That was Christie Brinkley, Billy Joel’s ex. Some guys have all the luck.
    Dick: Sounds like I missed a treat. Bring your memories along here any old time, the’re a damned good read. Another year over, and still no blog? Oh well.

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