4 comments on “Blog Wars

  1. I’ve just had my Rick wright post removed; a bit fucking late I might add. We will continue and these bastards won’t win.

  2. Why bloggers and not torrent types? It’s like busting someone for a home made cassette comp – and ignoring hooky CD and DVD types at boot sales and markets…

    There’s a parallelwith all this and the Rolling Stones ‘Butterfly on a wheel’ headline from the sixties

  3. Good post Steve. I’m not giving up my little corner of the world. I may move my location soonish to WordPress, but that might be all.

    They seem to handle all this kind of thing with a little more mind to interaction with their users.

  4. Adam: Unfortunately, buddy, it looks like they’re on the verge of doing so. Ed at 17 Seconds is ready to throw the towel in. I said this was the thin end of the wedge ages ago, now it looks like I’m being proved right. Not that I want to be.
    Mondo: Right on the button, buddy. It’s simply because blogs are easier to find. For example, Pirate Bay is located in Sweden, where I believe torrents are legal (or so they say), and they have a special section for all the legal threats they receive. And yet they get away with it, when what we’re doing is a speck under the microscope by comparison and is not meant to dig into anybody’s pocket. Not fair.

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